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We will soon announce new shows and exciting projects for this year!

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you have Tinmendo installed on a Samsung phone and are experiencing problems with your photo library, please update the app, the problem should be solved!

Voicemail project

We need you! We are making music based on video messages that are being sent to us by people from all over the world. Would you like to be part of it? Watch this short instructional video below:

You can send us a video message about anything you like, preferably around 30 seconds unless you want share your entire life story. We will post the results in the coming weeks on our Youtube Channel. Please send your brilliant creations to tinmenandthetelephone at gmail dot com (use wetransfer in case the file is too big).

If you like this type of interaction, you can also download Tinmendo – our new interactive app to use during our live concerts.


We also made an album app where you listen to our music: The worlds first interactive improvised jazz app album for iOS: Download Appjenou?! 


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