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A Tin Men and the Telephone (TM&T) performance incorporates sounds, found in everyday life, into a show that combines theatrical and visuals aspects with music. They seize on things that normally go unnoticed or appear to just be a nuisance: queues of service lines, directions from car navigation devices, ring-tones, screaming football reporters, the abrasive squelch of traffic noise, but also animal sounds – all prove useful to TM&T. Through the subtle and unobtrusive use of new techniques, music and ambient sound are interwoven so closely that dialogues appear and novel experiences emerge. This is for those who want to hear and see something new! Three enthusiastic musicians, who grew up with modern classical music contemporary jazz, hip-hop and Balkan rhythms, present jazz in a new guise. Seductive, funny, challenging, wicked, but always with great musical depth and strong rhythms. TM&T is a musical multimedia performance about the role modern communication tools play and how people lose themselves in it. TM&T has performed at major festivals and venues in the Netherlands and abroad, such as the North Sea Jazz festival, Tremplin Jazz d’Avignon, Vortex, Konstanzer Jazzherbst, B-flat, Oerol, de Parade, Bimhuis, Muziekgebouw aan t IJ, Paradiso. They received rave reviews in major newspapers in the Netherlands.

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