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Marcel Wierckx

Marcel Wierckx is a sound and video artist who creates music and image for concert, film, theatre and dance. His work is performed at major festivals and conferences around the world, including the International Computer Music Conference, Live.Code.Festival, ISCM World Music Days, STRP Festival and the MFRU International Festival of Computer Arts.

Mark Marijnissen

I create interactive experiences based on game design principles using app & internet technology.
I have collaborated with innovators, artists and entrepreneurs to create interactive guided meditations, television shows, music albums, concerts,
and more.

Olger Star, Technique

Industrial Designer Olger Star is the big man behind the interactive software, lighting, the lovely telephone and other electronics, spending many late hours behind the computer with whisky to get those Max patches running well. Together with his loyal friend Paco they form an inseparable duo that has supported Tin Men and the Telephone since day one! Olger also composes film music, check out his website!

Stijn van der Pol, Visuals

Mr Saf is responsible for all the amazing artwork: website, posters, album covers & t-shirts
More info coming soon, for now check saf’s website…


Singer, presenter and sexy front lady of the band in the form of virtual being. Always jolly and jovial but rather unpredictable. Eve comes and goes as she likes.

Begonya Peiro

Spanish beauty, soon to become a famous architect, video editor, inspirator, ambassador of TIn Men in warm Spanish speaking countries, who can hypnotize any cat within 30 seconds.

Eva van der Post

This rising theater star from the Theaterschool in Amsterdam will soon be found on all major theater stages across the country. In the meantime she borrows Tin Men & the Telephone’s singer Eve her sexy red lips and sea blue eyes on days she doesn’t need them.

Johnny van Bergen

Photographer Johnny van Bergen, feeling well at home in this rather long list of primarily female crew. You can find him photographing almost anything, from naked men with horses, to earth pictures shot from outer space. Tin Men & the Telephone falls somewhere in between.

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