Festival Most Wanted: Music


Most Wanted: Music – The bullshit-free, get-it-done, connectivity conference for creatives and music business professionals who know that Berlin does it differently.

Most Wanted: Music is taking a modern, alternative approach to programming, creating an experiential space for the future of the music and creative industries. Attendees will feel the benefit of innovative talk and workshop formats, provocative roundtable discussions in unusual settings, and bold new forms of networking to forge unexpected connections.

At MW:M, you’ll meet both the world’s music technology innovators and the Berlin music business at the city’s most important music convention.

On November 6th and 7th 2019, MW:M19 focuses on the most pressing questions the music and creative industries will face tomorrow. The spirit of Berlin shapes everything at MW:M: freedom of expression, doing it differently, and shaking the status quo.

Berlin, DE

Show Start: 07 Nov 2019 – 00:00
Show Duration: 90 Minutes
Show Ends: 07 Nov 2019 – 00:00
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