Tin Men and the Telephone offer team-building workshops for groups that are entered around the act of making music. Everybody can make music, you don’t have to be a trained musician. With the help of vocalist Emma Reekers, the band creates a comfortable environment which encourages everyone to participate. 


The audience first creates the musical material by making melodies, harmonies and rhythms in the Tinmendo smartphone app. These creations are immediately played by the band and assembled into a spontaneous collective composition. Once this basis is in place, Emma directs the participants to sing their own melodies and harmonies in groups, and teaches them how to recreate their beats using body percussion. She eventually hands over the reigns to the audience, and shows them how to direct each other and experience the power of the conductor. 


This isn’t only a fun and active way of experiencing music, suited to all ages and levels, but it also is a great tool for team-building. The use of different forms of communication, both following and leading, mean that this workshop is especially suited to management courses that focus on decentralisation.

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