Interactive Show based on Audience Participation
45 min interactive show for up to 150 students
Extended Interactive Show
90-100 min show for up to 150 students
Interactive Workshop for Music Students
60-120 min performance for up to 75 students

Tin Men and the Telephone offer multiple formats for concerts aimed at high school students. The students actively participate in the show through the Tinmendo app, and gain new insights into music. They deconstruct and learn about the basic elements of music, creating melodies, harmonies and rhythms separately before assembling them into their own piece. It is a highly entertaining and educative program that allows students to learn via their favourite tool: the mobile phone.


The extended shows take a more in depth look at creative approaches to music. The interactive workshops are aimed at students who already have some experience with making music. 


Group sizes can vary up to 150 students per show. Multiple shows over the course of a day are possible to accommodate larger numbers of students.

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