About us

A band on a mission to reinvent music and change the way we see the world.

TinMen&TheTelephone combines innovative, improvised music with live electronics, disruptive visuals and audience participation. Each TinMen show promises a full multimedia experience with an unmissable message. And the best part is that YOU get to actively participate by creating input with your smartphone!

An unprecedented sound

TinMen&TheTelephone is Tony Roe, Pat Cleaver and Jamie Peet. Backed up by a crew of innovators, they take their background in classical music and jazz to the next level. Using influences from various musical genres, sounds from everyday life, melodies created by animals, or even the structures in the bustle of traffic, TinMen delivers a sound that is unprecedented.

Co-create the show!

Every Tin Men performance is 100% interactive! As an audience member you make key decisions with the app for us to improvise with. You become a part of a multi-faceted, hugely engaging, and incredibly fun interactive show.



Please leave a message

Tin Men & the Telephone create shows with a message. Climate change is real! Aliens are coming! Abduct the demagogues! Bold criticism with a musical twist. Check out our current performance “The Greatest Show” – an intergalactic, musical journey to escape earth, Trump and climate change. Performed both off and online!



Where we at?

Tin Men and the Telephone have performed at major festivals and venues across Europe and the world at large, including the North Sea Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Jazz & the City, Enjoy Jazz festival, Jazzahead, BMW Welt Jazz Awards Finals, Gateshead International Jazz Festival, Norfolk and Norwich Festival, Ottowa Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festiva and many more. Where will we be next? Check out our agenda.



Are you in?

Next to our ‘standard’ shows, Tinmen also creates kids’ concerts, school concerts, workshops and custom shows for private or business events. As we ride on your input, each TinMen performance is always unique to both the venue and moment in which it takes place. Tailored on the spot to the sensibilities of each type of audience, from the seasoned connoisseurs to the curious newcomers.


“a 21st-century gig drawing their audience into the heart of the gig….  multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combined to create something fresh and unexpected  Roe and his friends were reminding us — in captivating style — that jazz can be fun and profound at the same time. 

The Times ***** (Ronnie Scott’s 2017)