TD Ottawa Jazz Festival

Friday January 31 @ 11:00pm, Arts Court Theatre

Tony Roe – Piano & Effects
Jamie Peet – Drums

In a 5-star review, The Times (UK) explains, “a 21st-century gig in which multimedia gadgetry and a sense of mischief combine to create something fresh and unexpected.” Amsterdam’s Tin Men and The Telephone combine live electronics, projected visuals, and audience participation. In a first, this band encourages the use of cellphones at concerts, letting their app control the next move. Audiences are invited to suggest melodies, rhythms and chords, live during the performance. The App is a theatrical prop and these skilled musicians take it in stride, improvising from audience decisions. In a return to activism and politics in jazz, acoustic jazz and futuristic electronic sounds combine. In their newest expression “Global Relocation of Evolved Apes Towards Exoplanet Suitable for Terraformation” the climate crisis has escalated, and the time has come for humanity to leave planet Earth. You must collaborate to make a plan to warm up your new home and enjoy the live in-flight entertainment by Tin Men and The Telephone along the way.


Location: Ottawa, CA,
Show start: 30 Jan 2020, 10:00 PM,
Show duration: 90 min.