In this show, students actively participate in a live concert via the Tinmendo app (available for iOS and Android). By involving them through their mobile phones, the students are engaged in the performance and gain new insights into music and its various building blocks. They are invited to create melodies, harmonies, and rhythms in the app which are then performed by the band. The best results are combined into a spontaneous collective composition! 

The extended show dives deeper into different creative approaches to making music. Tin Men and the Telephone demonstrate how music can be found in the sounds of everyday life (the speech patterns of a teacher, birdsong, traffic noises…) opening the students’ ears to their surroundings. They also give explanations and examples of how to combine music with video and visual material. The students are afforded more time to make music in the app and ask questions. In smaller groups, it is even possible to invite students who either sing or play an instrument to join the band on stage and experience Tin Men’s unique way of making music for themselves!

The show can be around 90 to 100 minutes in length, and group sizes can vary up to 150 students.


A highly engaging performance for high school students, particularly those with practical experience in the arts.

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