Tin Men and the Telephone offer longer term coaching and project weeks for students of universities, conservatories and arts schools. Students with different backgrounds and skills are invited to form groups and over the course of several intensive days, work together to create an interactive performance. These projects are particularly successful when bringing together students from different departments, with an emphasis on team work, communication and conceptual thinking. The goal of presenting a short piece at the end of the project means that students learn how to generate ideas, form a realistic plan, efficiently manage their time and iterate on functioning prototypes until they have a polished final product. It is the perfect opportunity for students whose paths don’t often cross to meet and form working relationships that may blossom into future professional endeavors.

For these projects, Tin Men and the Telephone can be joined by their software programmer Marcel Wierckx whose expertise in technology, sound and video art (and the teaching thereof) is invaluable.

The duration and format of the projects are flexible and can be negotiated based on the specific needs and wishes of the school.

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