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Tin Men & The Telephone offers a series of educational programs especially designed for primary schools, high schools, music education (all levels) and universities.

Tinmendo is an interactive musical experience that demonstrates how a piece of music is built, through intuitive and unique exercises in the form of games.
The building blocks of music – rhythm, melody and harmony – are unraveled one by one, and then reassembled into a new piece. This process takes place between the audience, the band and the Tinmendo app. http://tmtt.madebymark.nl/download/
Tinmendo is based on the input of the audience and therefor adapts itself to all ages and levels.

Instructional video for teachers:

German version: https://vimeo.com/133039131
French version: https://vimeo.com/132894758
Spanish version: https://vimeo.com/133241926

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